About half of our users have decided that they can not use the Zimbra Web client because they feel it takes much too long to perform common everyday tasks, like sending an email with a large attachment for example.

After I explained the "alpha" unfinished nature of Zimbra Desktop, many of these users were anxious to give it a try, and here are the top two comments:

1) Yay it has an Outbox!
2) Still painful to add attachments!

Will there be a drag-and-drop attachment feature or at least the ability to shift- or control-select multiple attachments along with a quicker way to navigate to a folder you have open on your desktop?

One user brought me over to show me an open folder on his Mac containing 3 files he needed to attach to an email he was composing, and demonstrated how crazy it is that he had to click Browse and then navigate 6 folders deep to get there.