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Thread: Serious Advertising Error

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    Default Serious Advertising Error

    Over at XDA-Developers, I saw a popup ad for Zimbra - and the heading has the words:

    "Zimbra Enterprise Collaboration Software"


    "Zimbra Enterprise Collaboration Sofwtare"

    Really? Is this how we popularize my favorite, amazing Collaboration Suite?

    By mis-spelling "SOFTWARE"?!?!?!?!?!


    It's OK, I still love Zimbra. But can we fix that before another 1,000,000 people see it?


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    Hi "gneuf". Thanks for letting us know about this. So you saw it here:

    You didn't happen to get a screen grab, did you? I refreshed the page for several minutes. I saw a number of Zimbra ads, but none like you described. However, I will pass this information on to our marketing team.

    Thanks again!

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