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Thread: How does Zimbra's i18n work?

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    Default How does Zimbra's i18n work?

    I've installed zcs-5.0.0_RC1_1538 on my server and checked out language packs from zimbra-xtras,but I found out that the web client UI's language is decided by server language setting instead of user's browser setting or operating system setting.
    is it going wrong or is that zimbra intended?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Did you restart tomcat after installing the languages packs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klug View Post
    Welcome to the forum.

    Did you restart tomcat after installing the languages packs ?
    I am using zcs-5.0.0_RC1,it defaults to use jetty.

    After I installed simplified chinese language pack.I have not restarted the jetty.
    And I refresh browser,and the UI language is instantly changed to simplified chinese.
    but then I change browser language to en or en_US and deleted zh-cn,the UI language is still
    but when I export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 on the server and restart jetty.then the UI language
    is changed to English regardless of my browser's language setting.

    but one thing is correct that the zimbra splash screen is always correct and is corresponding to user browser's language setting.
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    This is a known issue that we are currently working on fixing. I have opened bug 21433 to address the issue of the client not honoring the browser's locale setting.

    If you are running 5.0.0 RC1 and know that your users are going to use a specific language, then you can set that preferred locale for all users of a COS (or domain, server, etc). Here's how you would set the default locale to US English for all users of the default COS:

    % zmprov mc default zimbraPrefLocale en_US
    Substitute your preferred locale, as {language}_{country} (or just {language}) as needed.

    While this is necessary for now, it is not recommended once the bug is fixed because once a locale is set, the client will ignore the browser locale. Each user will then have to go their Preferences and change their preferred locale. And, once changed, the client will use that local ignoring the browser's setting.

    The ability to set a default locale by the administrator (and also by the user) was requested by Zimbra customers that wanted to control what the default language would be, regardless of the browser setting. For those customers, they should set the zimbraPrefLocale setting; for others, this setting should remain unset so as to allow the browser's locale to take precedence.

    Perhaps the best short-term solution is setting the server's locale via LC_ALL.

    P.S. The reason why the login/splash are always correct is that they are rendered by the server via a JSP before the user has been authenticated. Without authentication, we do not know the preferred locale setting so we just revert to the browser's locale.
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