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Thread: More About Translations in ZCS 5.0

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    Default login error page

    Quote Originally Posted by rt711 View Post

    our problem is with error page, what appears when you tybe bad login name or password - we need a bilingual version of this page(slovak and hungarian), the main problem is with utf-8 encoding, becaulse we use special slovak charakters (for example: č), but the text does not appear correctly. it's possible to change the encoding of this error msg?

    Sam we are happy to look into this; the best thing I can recommend is that you file a bug if you feel there is an internationalization issue. ( (use i18n for the component)

    If this is just a case of a broken string in a translation for Slovak that'd be something I'd bring up with the translation moderator.

    hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abak View Post
    Well, web help within Zimbra Web Client is probably made with Adobe RoboHelp 7.0. And yes it can be translated. You'll need Robohelp project files to translate.
    Where I could find the Robohelp project files?

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