I'm not happy at all with the 5.x "translation team" (at least for french).

This is my personal (not moderator) view ; as a Zimbra user, previous contributor (to 4.x french translation) and Zimbra admin (supporting unhappy users).

There are huge errors in the translation (search/replace is not a way to do some translation) and obviously no testing was done with the translated files.

I've spent a little time on a "fixed" translation file (and how to use it).

I'm spending lots of time on the AdminUI because parts of it are not translated at all.

And now I've discovered the french translation breaks the conversation view. Until then, only Lotus Notes was using "Réf:" instead of "Re:" to prepend the subject line. That was a real pain.

5.x Zimbra french translation uses "Réf.:".

This is unbelievable...