I've just finished the 4.5.11 French translation. No changes from 4.5.10, so it has been quite straight forward.

As usual, you can download the package from Fichiers WHM (user invite, password invite) from the Zimbra folder.

Regarding 5.0.2, I'm back from a 10 days vacations and see, together with Klug, that things went back instead of going forward with 5.0.2 and French.

The package we have distributed with Klug since 4.0.3 includes:

- Translations for the user and admin UI
- Date zimlet
- French dictionary and patch to properly cut the words

All this has been forgotten so far in 5.x

I have a 5.x translation based on our 4.5.x files that is 70% done. I didn't finished it because I supposed the official support would use the 4.5.x existing patches as starting point. Unfortunately, it was not the case.

So, the question is, do we keep our "unofficial" patches or do we submit the zillion changes via bugzilla?