Major apologies to everyone using ZCS 5.0.2 that is seeing the wrong date and number formatting throughout the product. There is a problem with our localization system that caused some languages to have the same date and number formats as en_US. This is obviously VERY wrong and we are working to correct it now.

In the meantime, please replace the contents of the /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/ file with this:

# en_GB generated on Fri Jan 18 11:51:15 PST 2008
currencyCode = GBP
currencySymbol = GBP
firstDayOfWeek = 2
formatDateFull = EEEE, d MMMM yyyy
formatDateLong = dd MMMM yyyy
formatDateMedium = dd-MMM-yyyy
formatDateShort = dd/MM/yy
formatNumberCurrency = \u00a4#,##0.00
formatTimeFull = HH:mm:ss 'o''clock' z
formatTimeLong = HH:mm:ss z
formatTimeMedium = HH:mm:ss
formatTimeShort = HH:mm
And let us know if you find any other issues.

Bug 24430 is being used to track this.