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Thread: 5.0.4 FR Localization patch

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    Default 5.0.4 FR Localization patch

    After quite a long time without publishing FR translation work, here comes the first patch package for the 5.x series.

    As the French language is now part of the standard Zimbra delivery, what I publish this time is much smaller. The package include:

    - Patches to correct a few minor problems in the translation (strings that are too long to be displayed correctly).
    - Activation of HTTPS on port 443 (is commented out by default)
    - French date zimlet
    - French spelling

    The date formats supported by the date_fr zimlet are:
    RE1: on se voie hier ou demain
    RE2: mercredi dernier ou mardi prochain
    RE3: le 15 mai 2008 ou le 17 juin
    RE5: 25.03.2008 ou 20-12-2007 ou 25-01-08 ou 23.02.08
    RE6: 2008.03.22 ou 2008-07-23
    RE7: 12/03/2008 ou 19/05/08
    RE8: 2008/11/03
    RE9: Juillet 2008
    REa: jeudi ou samedi

    The package is attached below and can also be downloaded as usual from Fichiers WHM
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