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    Default Finnish GA files


    Here are the finnish translation of the GA files. Only the user files are translated, because I think that english more accurate for the administrators .

    -- Timo
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    Thanks!! Are there still strings in the web UI that show up in English? Any problems or issues that we should be aware of? Anything we can do to make this easier for you in future releases?
    Looking for new beta users -> Co-Founder of Acompli. Previously worked at Zimbra (and Yahoo! & VMware) since 2005.

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    Default Everything seems to OK


    I haven't found any wierd windows or translations.

    -- Timo

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    Default i18n check

    missing = property defined in source but not target
    duplicate = property defined in target but value is same as source
    obsolete = property defined in target but not source

    [i18ncheck] Source file:
    [i18ncheck] Target file:
    [i18ncheck]   3 missing
    [i18ncheck]     formatCalHour
    [i18ncheck]     listSeparator
    [i18ncheck]     listSeparatorLast
    [i18ncheck]   5 duplicate
    [i18ncheck]     dateParsing2DigitStartYear
    [i18ncheck]     formatCalMonth
    [i18ncheck]     ok
    [i18ncheck]     xformRepeatAdd
    [i18ncheck]     xformRepeatRemove
    [i18ncheck]   8 obsolete
    [i18ncheck]     dateFormat
    [i18ncheck]     dateSeparator
    [i18ncheck]     first
    [i18ncheck]     fourth
    [i18ncheck]     last
    [i18ncheck]     third
    [i18ncheck]     timeFormat
    [i18ncheck]     timeSeparator
    [i18ncheck]   Summary: 3 missing, 5 duplicate, 8 obsolete
    [i18ncheck] Source file:
    [i18ncheck] Target file:
    [i18ncheck]   OK
    [i18ncheck] Source file:
    [i18ncheck] Target file:
    [i18ncheck]   48 missing
    [i18ncheck]     cellRange
    [i18ncheck]     clickHereToAddEmail
    [i18ncheck]     composeOptions
    [i18ncheck]     customize
    [i18ncheck]     defaultInviteReplyDeclineMessage
    [i18ncheck]     errorNotAuthenticated
    [i18ncheck]     exportToCSV
    [i18ncheck]     formatAsHtml
    [i18ncheck]     formatAsText
    [i18ncheck]     forwardOptions
    [i18ncheck]     forwardTo
    [i18ncheck]     importFromCSV
    [i18ncheck]     includeMenuAttachment
    [i18ncheck]     includeMenuNoPrefix
    [i18ncheck]     includeMenuNone
    [i18ncheck]     includeMenuPrefix
    [i18ncheck]     includeMenuSmart
    [i18ncheck]     insertColumnAfter
    [i18ncheck]     insertColumnBefore
    [i18ncheck]     insertRowAbove
    [i18ncheck]     insertRowUnder
    [i18ncheck]     nextDay
    [i18ncheck]     nextMonth
    [i18ncheck]     nextWeek
    [i18ncheck]     nextWorkWeek
    [i18ncheck]     previousDay
    [i18ncheck]     previousMonth
    [i18ncheck]     previousWeek
    [i18ncheck]     previousWorkWeek
    [i18ncheck]     recurBlurb
    [i18ncheck]     recurDailyEveryDay
    [i18ncheck]     recurDailyEveryNumDays
    [i18ncheck]     recurDailyEveryWeekday
    [i18ncheck]     recurEndByDate
    [i18ncheck]     recurEndNone
    [i18ncheck]     recurEndNumber
    [i18ncheck]     recurMonthlyEveryNumMonthsDate
    [i18ncheck]     recurMonthlyEveryNumMonthsNumDay
    [i18ncheck]     recurStart
    [i18ncheck]     recurWeeklyEveryNumWeeksDate
    [i18ncheck]     recurWeeklyEveryWeekday
    [i18ncheck]     recurYearlyEveryDate
    [i18ncheck]     recurYearlyEveryMonthNumDay
    [i18ncheck]     rememberMe
    [i18ncheck]     replyOptions
    [i18ncheck]     showBcc
    [i18ncheck]     showCc
    [i18ncheck]     switchIncludeWarning
    [i18ncheck]   195 duplicate
    [i18ncheck]     CRLF
    [i18ncheck]     CRLF2
    [i18ncheck]     DASHES
    [i18ncheck]     TZA_AbuDhabi
    [i18ncheck]     TZF_internationalDateLineWest
    [i18ncheck]     adobePdfDocument
    [i18ncheck]     adobePsDocument
    [i18ncheck]     bcc
    [i18ncheck]     beforeLc
    [i18ncheck]     cc
    [i18ncheck]     chat
    [i18ncheck]     durationDays
    [i18ncheck]     durationHours
    [i18ncheck]     from
    [i18ncheck]     fw
    [i18ncheck]     fwd
    [i18ncheck]     htmlDocument
    [i18ncheck]     imAppTitle
    [i18ncheck]     imStatusOffline
    [i18ncheck]     imStatusOnline
    [i18ncheck]     imStatusToast
    [i18ncheck]     kb
    [i18ncheck]     loginHeader
    [i18ncheck]     mb
    [i18ncheck]     mp3Audio
    [i18ncheck]     msDownload
    [i18ncheck]     msExcelDocument
    [i18ncheck]     msPPTDocument
    [i18ncheck]     msProjectDocument
    [i18ncheck]     msVisioDocument
    [i18ncheck]     msWMV
    [i18ncheck]     msWinmailDat
    [i18ncheck]     msWordDocument
    [i18ncheck]     purple
    [i18ncheck]     re
    [i18ncheck]     shareCreatedSubject
    [i18ncheck]     splashScreenAppName
    [i18ncheck]     splashScreenZimbraUrl
    [i18ncheck]     to
    [i18ncheck]     toCc
    [i18ncheck]     url
    [i18ncheck]     urlLabel
    [i18ncheck]     video
    [i18ncheck]     waveAudio
    [i18ncheck]     xmlDocument
    [i18ncheck]     zimbraTitle
    [i18ncheck]     zimlet
    [i18ncheck]   19 obsolete
    [i18ncheck]     addBcc
    [i18ncheck]     addCc
    [i18ncheck]     clickHereToAddName
    [i18ncheck]     day
    [i18ncheck]     day_s
    [i18ncheck]     endAfter
    [i18ncheck]     endBy
    [i18ncheck]     every
    [i18ncheck]     everyWeekday
    [i18ncheck]     everyYearOn
    [i18ncheck]     month_s
    [i18ncheck]     noEndDate
    [i18ncheck]     noon
    [i18ncheck]     occurrences
    [i18ncheck]     of
    [i18ncheck]     ofEvery
    [i18ncheck]     publicComputer
    [i18ncheck]     the
    [i18ncheck]     weeksOn
    [i18ncheck]   Summary: 48 missing, 195 duplicate, 19 obsolete

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