Lots of things to report about my localization (to French) endeavor:

1) Translation to French: I have completed the whole translation, aside from the admin console. The localization mimics Outlook in all details.

2) Bug 5912: it seems that the month and day are not reversed anymore since I completed the AjaxMsg_fr.properties localization and in particular set the proper day/month order in the said file. Users don't have to set their browser's default language to English to have proper behavior of their appointments;

3) Having said that, another Appointment bug has arised: if one sets an appointment on the 8th or 9th of any month, the appointment is saved exactly 3 weeks and 1 day or 3 weeks and 2 days after the appointment was set (i.e., if an appointment is set on February the 8th, it will be saved on March the Third, or set on the 9th->saved March the third). I could reproduce the bug locally and on the hosted demo, using fr and ru default languages. English seems fine. I also changed my local date/time to check if the bug is relative to Today: it isn't. Whatever the local date/time is, the bug is always on the 8th/9th.

4) Regarding the .properties files: At first, after installing the localized files in the appropriate folder and having restarted Tomcat, I could only get a blank page after logging in. I painstakingly checked all entries in the .properties files, and did determine that an entry that contains both a single quote ( ' ) and a variable placeholder (say, {0}) would make the application crash. When I got rid of any single quote on lines with a placeholder, everything went fine.

5) I don't know if this is related to localization, but I can't delete tags anymore. When I right-click Tags->Delete, nothing happens.

6) Regarding timezones full and abbreviated names: I don't know how the English entries were produced in the ZmMsg.properties file, but I would certainly appreciate to know how, so that I could translate them to French easily.