I am trying to build a set of Canadian English localization files. We would like to give our users a choice between a 12-hour and 24-hour clock. I have built two sets of .properties files and named them *_en_CA_12* and *en_CA_24*, respectively. I also edited L10nMsg.properties thusly:

en_CA_12 = English (Canada 12h)
en_CA_24 = English (Canada 24h)

The new languages do not show up in the web client preferences after a server restart. I was able to add a single instance of Canadian English by having a single set of *en_CA.properties files and adding en_CA = English (Canada) to L10nMsg. I'm guessing it's failing to recognize new languages due to the _12 and _24 tacked onto the end.

Is it possible to have multiple language translations for a single language?