Hi all,

After updating 5.0.5 NE Ubuntu to 5.0.6 we encountered an annoying problem for our users:
=> when sending invitations the date-number is displayed as day-of-year instead of day-of-month.
=> same applies to minical.
The result is that you get invitations for a meeting on f.e. 150 mei 2008 or 151 mei for regular dates in May.

After fiddling with some older .keys and .msg-files the incorrect format of daynumber in sent invitations remains..

Does anyone know where these labels/variables are set?
English and German language work correctly, just the Dutch translation as far as I notice till now.

It seems like a typo with a ' or " in Ajxmsg_NL or ZmMsg_NL but not very easy to locate..

Any help appreciated!
Thnx in advance,