I am adding the contributed translations to the distribution so you will finally be able to get the user contributed translations for the product when you download future releases. (So far we have german, dutch, finnish, french, russian, and soon japanese.)

To help me, I've added a tool to the source code that does a simple comparison between properties files. I use this to check the translated message files that have been contributed. The tool then tells me if there are missing or obsolete translations.

I have run the tool and posted the results to the various threads in this forum which contain the donated message files. For each file donated, the tool lists the following information:

missing = property defined in source but not target
duplicate = property defined in target but value is same as source
obsolete = property defined in target but not source

However, just because a property is listed as "missing" does not mean that it needs to be translated. If the English translation of the property works in the target language, then there doesn't need to be a translation in the translated message file. The tool will still list it as "missing" but that may be OK. You should review the results to see if you need a translation.

If a property is listed as "duplicate", that means that the translated property is identical to the one defined in the English message file. This is usually because the target file was copied from the source and not all of the entries have been translated, yet.

Lastly, if a property is listed as "obsolete", that means that there is a translation but the property no longer exists in the English message file. Therefore it can be safely removed.

It should be noted that these tests were run against the current codebase in CVS and many of the donated translations were done of previous releases or snapshots. So don't be surprised if there are more missing or obsolete properties for your translations than you think.