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Thread: Italian Translation compatibility with 10024x768

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    Lightbulb Italian Translation compatibility with 10024x768

    The italian translation of Zimbra 5.0x creates some issues with the display of the web interface on a 1024x768 resolution screen
    In the mail, calendar view, the arrow buttons to change the page and see more messages or next month (in monthly calendar view).

    To fix these issues we've managed to change a few tranlsation to shorter the buttons toolbar to ba able to access next and previous

    junk = Spam
    notJunk = Non Spam
    checkMail = Ricevi
    view = Vista
    today = Oggi
    viewWorkWeek = Lun-Ven

    would be great to have these translation in the next releases or at least the possibility to disable the button description if resolution is lower than XXX


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    Showing you as: 5.0.5_GA_2201.UBUNTU6 UBUNTU6 NETWORK edition

    In 5.0.7
    today = Oggi
    viewWorkWeek = Settimana lavorativa
    view = Visualizza
    checkMail = Ricevi posta
    Junk = Posta indesiderata
    notJunk = Posta legittima

    So looks like 'today' is now your desired, for these could you file a localization bug with your translation suggestions & rational?
    Guidelines for filing Internationalization and Localization bugs - Zimbra :: Wiki
    L10N : IT : shorter strings to fit within 1024x768
    viewWorkWeek = Lun-Ven
    view = Vista
    checkMail = Ricevi
    junk = Spam
    notJunk = Non Spam

    We actually do your idea for removing text; as min supported resolution is 1024x768 you do have an argument for filing the above - if on a 800x600 screen though:
    tool-bar text stripping is bug 29626 comment 9 (5.0.7)
    app-bar text stripping is bug 29623 (5.0.9)
    // nuke the text for tag menu for 800x600 resolutions
    if (AjxEnv.is800x600orLower) {
    /opt/zimbra/mailboxd/webapps/zimbra/js/zimbraMail/mail/controller/ZmMailListController.js though that gets incorporated into MailCore_all.js then whitespace stripped & gzipped into MailCore_all.zgz Then that gets repeated for the ZmMailListController.js and that's just the tool-bar. For the app-bar it's ZmAppViewMgr.js & ZmAppChooser.js etc, etc. Probably better if you add a note to bug 29626 asking to make that size easily configurable.

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