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Thread: [SOLVED] english/US interface with localized date format?

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    Default [SOLVED] english/US interface with localized date format?

    I'm trying to localize the date/number formats, but keep the interface language original english/US. I find keeping the original interface helps a lot when searching/asking for help.

    I modified the date formats in jetty-6.1.5/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/ as per posts here on the forum
    firstDayOfWeek = 2
    formatDateFull = EEEE d MMMM yyyy
    formatDateLong = dd MMMM yyyy
    formatDateMedium = dd MMM yyyy
    formatDateShort = dd/MM/yy
    formatDateTime = {0} {1}
    formatNumber = #,##0.###
    formatNumberCurrency = \u00a4#,##0.00;(\u00a4#,##0.00)
    formatNumberInteger = #,##0
    formatNumberPercent = #,##0%
    formatTimeFull = HH:mm:ss
    formatTimeLong = HH:mm:ss
    formatTimeMedium = HH:mm:ss
    formatTimeShort = HH:mm
    This only shows the correct formats in appointment creation, but not in the rest of the interface:
    fe. in calendar the day header stills show "Sun, Jul 27". the received mail time stamps are still the original format.

    Which other files do I have to modify?

    best regards

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    ok, modifying seems to deal with the interface date formats

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    I have everything I need, but the vertical hour ruler in calendar view.
    anybody know where that one is hiding?


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