Hi all!

We are creating a new Finnish translation that is available from Zimbra X-tras. As it seems to be unmaintained, I'd like to become the maintainer for that Finnish translation.

A couple of questions come to mind, though:

- Why is the "Contribution Agreement" required?
- Which license is used for the translations? GPL?
- Is Zimbra X-tras still used for contributing translations? It's SVN repository has been very quiet recently.

Personally I dislike the "Contribution agreement". It's basically like saying "Feel free to work for us for free and we'll take away your (copy)rights to your own work". I wouldn't be surprised if it's holding back lots of potential contributors, who don't want to hand over the copyright to their work for no good reason. Or is there a good reason for it? Nevertheless, as long the community translations are released under GPL then the agreement is bearable.

Best regards,