I installed zimbra 3.0.1_GA_160 on a Debian 3.1 machine.

Works well but I have a problem with french accents in attached file name.

Here is what I found.

I tested this from a PC with win2k and from a mac with OSX10.4.

From windows I used firefox 1.5 and thunderbird 1.5.
From OSX I used Firefox 1.5 and mac mail.

So here is what I get.

From both platforme, if I use the web interface and I send a message with an attached file that has french accents in it's name, the accents are replaced by a ""s. The web interface, firefox and mail all showed the same "" in the attachements name.

Then If I send a message from Thunderbird with the same attachement and then I look at it throught the web interface, I can see there is an attachement but in the message, the attachement does not show at all.

Then if I send the same message with the same attachement throught mail, I get the attachement properly in the web interface.

Then If I send the message with the attachement from either mail or thunderbird and I read it from either thunderbird or mail, it's ok as well. The accents are not transformed.

So here is the recap:

From web int to web int : accents replaced by ""s.
From web int to thunderbird : accents replaced by ""s.
From web int to mail : accents replaced by ""s.

From thunderbird windows to web int : attachement's clip shows, attachement does not.

From mail to web int : all ok.
From thunderbird windows or mail to thunderbird windows or mail : all ok.

Any one experienced this problem?

Looks like a bug...