Hi folks,

The problem was: some keys stopped to work in the mail panel. (ie: Delete Key)

Well, I'm not used to solve this things, but how my customers have claimed a lot, I had to find what was wrong in the lately pt_BR translation.

So, I noticed that in ZmKeys_pt_BR.properties, some inheritances was misspeled.

Where we find,

conversationList.INHERIT = e-mail
conversation.INHERIT = e-mail
message.INHERIT = e-mail
We should fix to
conversationList.INHERIT = mail
conversation.INHERIT = mail
message.INHERIT = mail
I think it was caused by some "sed" not so careful

But, there was another problem, which is not a BUG that I think should be noticed.
To alternate between HTML compose and Text compose, the translators decide to use Ctrl+B. But it conflicts with bold shortcut which most of people (even those that is not suppose to speak English) used to use.

So I made some these more modifications:

I commented out this block of ZmKeys_pt_BR.properties
#compose.HtmlFormat.display = Ctrl+B
#compose.HtmlFormat.keycode = Ctrl+66
#compose.HtmlFormat.description = Alternar entre os formatos HTML e texto para o corpo da mensagem
#compose.HtmlFormat.sort = 30060
And I changed those shortcuts inside AjxKeys_pt_BR.properties:

editor.Bold.display = Ctrl+N 
editor.Bold.keycode = Ctrl+78

editor.Underline.display = Ctrl+S
editor.Underline.keycode = Ctrl+83

editor.Bold.display = Ctrl+N; Ctrl+B
editor.Bold.keycode = Ctrl+78; Ctrl+66

editor.Underline.display = Ctrl+S; Ctrl+U
editor.Underline.keycode = Ctrl+83; Ctrl+85
My users are happy now!