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Thread: Testing the Finnish translation

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    Default Testing the Finnish translation

    Hi everyone,

    Zimbra 5.0.x has been fully translated to Finnish now. Unfortunately it was simultaneously translated by three different people (me included). After brief discussion by email we decided to move the discussion here so that we can keep things organized and avoid further duplication of effort.

    I'll attach an OmegaT TMX file created from the latest SVN translation to this post. The tool I used for that job is import_properties from OmegaT's sourceforge page. For more information about usage of import_properties, take a look at adito » translating. If you're not familiar with OmegaT, you should definitely take a look at it. I'll also add a script ( which you should use after copying the translations to correct directory. Zimbra seems to be rather picky about spaces around the "=" sign and the script fixes that. Alternative approach would be to modify the base *.properties files to get rid of the problem altogether.

    Note that OmegaT does not have many-to-many matching, which causes problems with one-character strings in Zimbra. For example, a S is always either [S]unnuntai or [L]auantai - it can't be both. These issues can be fixed easily by editing the files directly after translation is otherwise complete.

    I'll be testing the translation and providing suggestions regarding terms and the language. Hopefully others do the same. I suggest the following procedure in sending corrections to the translation:

    - Describe where the faulty translation is located
    - Include the whole original string, not just part of it
    - If you want, include a suggestion for a better translation

    Following this procedure makes it trivial to fix any translation problems without unnecessary postings back and forth. Translations testers don't have to worry about the OmegaT stuff - just keep the translation up-to-date.

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    Hi, attachments still pending for approval.. :/

    Can you send the files via email?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toopu View Post
    Hi, attachments still pending for approval.. :/
    Sorry for missing this. Try downloading the attachments again, it should work now.


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    A more recent version of my translation should be in Zimbra X-tras project SVN now.

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