I am making small adjustments in Date Zimlet com_zimbra_date_pt_BR.properties file, but i have some problems.


Match "amanhã" to tomorrow

I have:

format2.pattern = amanh\u00e3
format2.rule = now +1 day
format2.boundary = true

But is not working

Another exemple:

Match "Última quarta-feira" or "Última quarta" or "Último domingo", etc...

format5.pattern = \u00fAltim(a|o) {dayname}(-feira)?
format5.rule = now -1 {dayname}
format5.boundary = true

And this is not working too...

But another entrie works.

Match "Próximo domingo" or "Próxima quarta-feira" or "Esta próxima segunda", etc...

format4.pattern = (est(a|e)|pr\u00f3xim(o|a)) {dayname}(-feira)?
format4.rule = now +1 {dayname}
format4.boundary = true

This entry work

Any sugestion?

Sorry about my bad english