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Thread: Script to install language packs

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    Default Script to install language packs

    Hi friends,

    I am searching in the forum and so surprised that I can not find the script to automate installing language packs as in the instructions at: Translations - Zimbra :: Wiki.

    I wrote this simple script for myself and also would like to share with you.
    Hope it will be also improved more.

    To use it, you should:
    1. already have the translated .properties files in your language.
    2. extract and copy this script onto the same folder as where language files located on the Zimbra server.
    3. you may need to run "chmod +x" to set it executable
    4. and the last, go to the folder and run "./".

    Hope this helps.
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    Kind Regards,

    Official website:

    Zimbra is the best ever FOSS I've worked with.

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