in spain we have the problem that spain is one country, but in reality there are at least 3 very strong differentiations inside the country.

So we have Catalunia, which has it's own language (catalan) and it's own flag and of course, in the government, you have to have the proper language flag in the language selection box.

As I see it, there is an image-array with all the flags and styles which have a country specific connection to the flags inside the array.

So Espana (ES) has the spanish flag, but how do I associate the language Catalan with it's own flag? Catalunia is no Country.

I could add new styles and add a flag add a bogus country-code in conf/msgs/L10nMsg.properties, which would probably work, but it has to be maintained over upgrades ...

Isn't there another way to specify the flag for a language?