Hello all.

As you might know, the Zimlets provided with Zimbra are english speaking (english date) and designed for the USA (US phone numbers or addresses).

Obviously, we need them (and want them) in other languages (such as French).

I've had a quick look at the date Zimlet and found out it was not designed at all with the idea of being translated.

Add to this that I think important (read: mandatory) to have the date Zimlet to be able to recognise a date in french and english (plus other languages when they get translated). I don't want to have a french Zimlet to simple replace an english one.

So I'd like to know (this is a question for the Zimbra guys and girls) what would be the best way to handle this issue. The question is about the load in the WebUI, the usability of the Zimlet, the cleanest coding methods, etc...

Should we take the existing Zimlet and add into this single zimlet the other languages (then deploy a single Zimlet) ?

Should we create a brand new Zimlet per language (based on the english one) and deploy a Zimlet per language ?

Any other suggestion ?

In any case, how should we handle the "right click" in the UI ?
Can the language of the contextual menu change like the language for rest of the UI changes ?

From my point of view, I'd rather use the second solution (one Zimlet per language) as it seems easier to maintain. But I'd rather have a pro advice on that (and clues about the context menu) 8)

Nice week-end to all,

PS : I used the date Zimlet as an example in this post, but the same question goes for the phone Zimlet or other ones.