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Thread: Date Zimlet speaks French

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    Default Date Zimlet speaks French


    I've just taught the Date zimlet how to speak French. With minor changes it should work also for Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and other latin languages.

    Contrary to the user interface translations, Zimlet translation is an exercise in regular expressions in order to match the local way to specify dates.

    Even though the zimlet is based on the English version, it uses its own object names, so you can install both the English and the French zimlets together, they co-habitate wonderfully This means that both English and French date formats will be recognized.

    This is the installation procedure:

    1) Copy the attached zimlet zip file to /opt/zimbra/zimlets and be sure it belongs to zimbra and has the same access rights as the other zimlet files.

    2) Login as zimbra and do:

    # To login as zimbra
    su - zimbra

    # If you want to remove the English date zimlet
    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_date

    # Deploy the French zimlet
    zmzimletctl deploy zimlets/

    # If you have serveral COS besides the default one, grant access
    # to the zimlet to all the COS you want (here named "cos1", "cos2", etc)
    for c in cos1 cos2 cos3 .... cosN ; do
    zmzimletctl acl com_zimbra_date_fr $c grant

    # Back as root and restart zimbra
    service zimbra restart # or whatever you use to do this

    As usual, all comments and questions are welcome

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