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    To make everybody’s lives easier we have added source control for accepted language translations. Moving forward we still love Forums as a place for lively discussion, Q&A, etc., and encourage all to use the new system rather than attach files in the Forum.

    Key Info
    General Process:
    • Who can pull down the translation files - anyone
    • Who can post translation files
      1. First, as always, everyone who contributes translations needs to submit the contributor agreement (sign and FAX) before we can accept translations (nothing new here).
      2. Second, right now we are limiting write access to those wanting to help lead / moderate their language. We are hoping they can coordinate with others interested in translating a language and commit files on their behalf.
      3. Moderators and the Community can help determine how we evolve write access rules, we certainly want to do what works best!
    • What happens if my language has no moderator? –
      1. This will certainly happen, so the first thing to do is contact one of the Zimbra crew and we can either work with you to become a moderator or post on your behalf (after you sign a contributor agreement)
    • What if I want to moderate a language and there is already a moderator?
      1. We encourage you to contact the moderator and talk about how you can work together; if it makes sense to have two then we not necessarily opposed.

    Moderator Tips and Tricks
    • Gather input from the Community and post files to SVN as much as you want
    • Please remember that others who contribute need to also submit Contribution Agreements to Zimbra
    • If you want others in your group to have SVN access to help you please let us know
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