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Thread: Version 8 BETA pt-BR translation

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    Default Version 8 BETA pt-BR translation

    Hi there

    Well...I know there an specific thread dealing with portuguese brazilian translation but i don´t wanna bury a reply into it.

    So, here i am test driving the version 8 BETA and we spotted a really bad translation. It is far from what it really means.

    At the admin interface there´s the "home" button, which means "go back to start page". It was translated literally to "Residência" (the pt-br word for home). It should read "Página Inicial" or maybe simply "Início". Any of the two, but you should do away with "Residência".

    I don´t know what´s the status about joining the translation effort....i would like to help if possible.


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    I filed Bug 76100 – bad translation for Home in PT_BR localization. we should be able to fix it in the next round of translations.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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