bTactic is pleased to announce Catalan translation for Zimbra 8.
The translation has been retranslated from the ground to match as well as we could to current Spanish translation.

Some of the installation scripts are based on the harpo original translation and have been improved.
As a major piece of news our translation also includes Zimbra Admin Console translation.

Current translation version matches Zimbra ZCS 8.0.2.

The translation instructions and download are found at github:


We just used the same way of translating that Harpo used but we plan to improve our translation system in order to integrate Catalan officially in Zimbra in the future.

In the mean time you can always help to improve the translation:
  • Either by forking it in github and making pull requests.
  • Or by adding an issue to the github project.
  • Adding your comments to this same thread.

Note: At the same repository you can find 7.x branch which also happens to have the Zimbra Admin Console translated: https://github.com/btactic/zimbra-catala/tree/zimbra702. Anyways the one we're going to continue to improve is the 8.x one.

Special thank you goes to Adrià Sanchez for the hard work he did.