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Thread: ZCS 3.0 Milestone 2 Language Files

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    Default ZCS 3.0 Milestone 2 Language Files


    This post describes how to localize the Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) property files. The following are the files that must be localized for ZCS:

    • - Ajax Toolkit general messages
    • - These are the message for the collaboration client
    • ZaMsg.properites - These are the messages for the Admin client
    • ZMsg.properites - These are the error messages
    The above files are attached to this post in a zip file.

    Localization File Structure and Rules

    The message property files follow the Java property file model. For specific locales the above files will follow the local specific _xx_YY notation. For example to localize to English United Kingdom (en_GB) there would be a version of For the fallback for English, it would be and so on for each of the above files

    Only messages that are different from the immediate fallback need be updated. So for example if the following are in the file:

    save=Save the file now
    help=Press F1 for help

    And the file only needs to change the value of the "color" message, the the file would consist of a single entry:

    Character Sets

    All the properties MUST be in ASCII which means that if the translations are in a different character set, then the file must be converted by escaping the Unicode characters to \uWXYZ. This can be done by using the native2ascii program that ships with every JDK. The general usage is the following: native2ascii -encoding name inputfile [outputfile]

    Here's a specific example of the usage:

    native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 AjxMsg_ja.utf8


    To test a localization perform the following steps:

    • Copy the *.properties files to /zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/msgs/
    • Restart the zimbra web application

    Packaging a localization is simply providing a "zip" archive of the files that have been localized.

    Contributing to Zimbra

    To contribute a localization for inclusion into the ZCS, the Zimbra contributor agreement must be completed and provided to Zimbra. The contributor agreement is available at:

    All localizations that are to be hosted on the Zimbra site must carry the Zimbra Public License (ZPL). This license is available at:


    af_ZA Afrikaans locale for South Africa
    am_ET Amharic language locale for Ethiopia
    ar_AE Arabic language locale for United Arab Emirates
    ar_BH Arabic language locale for Bahrein
    ar_DZ Arabic language locale for Algeria
    ar_EG Arabic language locale for Egypt
    ar_IN Arabic language locale for India
    ar_IQ Arabic language locale for Iraq
    ar_JO Arabic language locale for Jordan
    ar_KW Arabic language locale for Kuwait
    ar_LB Arabic language locale for Lebanon
    ar_LY Arabic language locale for Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    ar_MA Arabic language locale for Morocco
    ar_OM Arabic language locale for Oman
    ar_QA Arabic language locale for Qatar
    ar_SA Arabic locale for Saudi Arabia
    ar_SD Arabic language locale for Sudan
    ar_SY Arabic language locale for Syrian Arab Republic
    ar_TN Arabic language locale for Tunisia
    ar_YE Arabic language locale for Yemen
    az_AZ Azeri language locale for Azerbaijan (latin)
    be_BY Belarusian locale for Belarus
    bg_BG Bulgarian locale for Bulgaria
    bn_IN Bengali language locale for India
    br_FR Breton language locale for France
    bs_BA Bosnian language locale for Bosnia and Herzegowina
    ca_ES Catalan locale for Catalonia
    cs_CZ Czech locale for the Czech Republic
    cy_GB Welsh language locale for Great Britain
    da_DK Danish locale for Denmark
    de_AT German locale for Austria
    de_BE German locale for Belgium
    de_CH German locale for Switzerland
    de_DE German locale for Germany
    de_LU German locale for Luxemburg
    el_GR Greek locale for Greece
    en_AU English locale for Australia
    en_BW English locale for Botswana
    en_CA English locale for Canada
    en_DK English locale for Denmark
    en_GB English locale for Britain
    en_HK English locale for Hong Kong
    en_IE English locale for Ireland
    en_IN English language locale for India
    en_NZ English locale for New Zealand
    en_PH English language locale for Philippines
    en_SG English language locale for Singapore
    en_US English locale for the USA
    en_ZA English locale for South Africa
    en_ZW English locale for Zimbabwe
    eo_EO Esperanto locale
    es_AR Spanish locale for Argentina
    es_BO Spanish locale for Bolivia
    es_CL Spanish locale for Chile
    es_CO Spanish locale for Colombia
    es_CR Spanish locale for Costa Rica
    es_DO Spanish locale for Dominican Republic
    es_EC Spanish locale for Equador
    es_ES Spanish locale for Spain
    es_GT Spanish locale for Guatemala
    es_HN Spanish locale for Honduras
    es_MX Spanish locale for Mexico
    es_NI Spanish locale for Nicaragua
    es_PA Spanish locale for Panama
    es_PE Spanish locale for Peru
    es_PR Spanish locale for Puerto Rico
    es_PY Spanish locale for Paraguay
    es_SV Spanish locale for El Salvador
    es_US Spanish locale for the USA
    es_UY Spanish locale for Uruguay
    es_VE Spanish locale for Venezuela
    et_EE Estonian locale for Estonia
    eu_ES Basque locale for Spain
    fa_IR Persian locale for Iran
    fi_FI Finnish locale for Finland
    fo_FO Faroese locale for Faroe Islands
    fr_BE French locale for Belgium
    fr_CA French locale for Canada
    fr_CH French locale for Switzerland
    fr_FR French locale for France
    fr_LU French locale for Luxemburg
    ga_IE Irish locale for Ireland
    gd_GB Scots Gaelic language locale for Great Britain
    gl_ES Galician locale for Spain
    gv_GB Manx Gaelic locale for Britain
    he_IL Hebrew locale for Israel
    hi_IN Hindi language locale for India
    hr_HR Croatian locale for Croatia
    hu_HU Hungarian locale for Hungary
    hy_AM Armenian language locale for Armenia
    id_ID Indonesian locale for Indonesia
    is_IS Icelandic locale for Iceland
    it_CH Italian locale for Switzerland
    it_IT Italian locale for Italy
    iw_IL Hebrew locale for Israel
    ja_JP Japanese language locale for Japan
    ka_GE Georgian language locale for Georgia
    kl_GL Greenlandic locale for Greenland
    ko_KR Korean locale for Republic of Korea
    kw_GB Cornish locale for Britain
    lt_LT Lithuanian locale for Lithuania
    lv_LV Latvian locale for Latvia
    mi_NZ Maori language locale for New Zealand
    mk_MK Macedonian locale for Macedonia
    mr_IN Marathi language locale for India
    ms_MY Malay language locale for Malaysia
    mt_MT Maltese language locale for Malta
    nl_BE Dutch locale for Belgium
    nl_NL Dutch locale for the Netherlands
    nn_NO Nynorsk language locale for Norway
    no_NO Norwegian locale for Norway
    oc_FR Occitan Language Locale for France
    pl_PL Polish locale for Poland
    pt_BR Portuguese locale for Brasil
    pt_PT Portuguese locale for Portugal
    ro_RO Romanian locale for Romania
    ru_RU Russian locale for Russia
    ru_UA Russian locale for Ukraine
    se_NO Northern Saami language locale for Norway
    sk_SK Slovak locale for Slovak
    sl_SI Slovenian locale for Slovenia
    sq_AL Albanian language locale for Albania
    sr_YU Serbian locale for Yugoslavia
    sv_FI Swedish locale for Finland
    sv_SE Swedish locale for Sweden
    ta_IN Tamil language locale for India
    te_IN Telgu language locale for India
    tg_TJ Tajik language locale for Tajikistan
    th_TH Thai locale for Thailand
    ti_ER Tigrigna language locale for Eritrea
    ti_ET Tigrigna language locale for Ethiopia
    tl_PH Tagalog language locale for Philipines
    tr_TR Turkish locale for Turkey map
    tt_RU Tatar language locale for Tatarstan
    uk_UA Ukrainian locale for Ukraine
    ur_PK Urdu Language Locale for Pakistan
    uz_UZ Uzbek locale for Uzbekistan
    vi_VN Vietnamese language locale for Vietnam
    wa_BE Walloon Language Locale for Belgium
    yi_US Yiddish Language locale
    zh_CN Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
    zh_HK Chinese language locale for Hong Kong
    zh_SG Chinese language locale for Singapore
    zh_TW Chinese locale for Taiwan R.O.C.
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