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    Default 4.5.2 French Translation

    A little bit late but here it is the French translation for ZCS 4.5.2 GA 699.

    No big changes here, we are just making some progress on ZhMsg (the HTML light interface).

    For next release (4.5.3) I'm planning the following changes. Please give me feedback on these issues:

    - In the date zimlet, "samedi prochain" (next Saturday) points to next week Saturday (bug 14824 in bugzilla). I will fix this in the French date zimlet so that "prochain" (next) has no effect on days.

    - The French spelling will skip the following words:
    words written all in upper case
    IP addresses
    email addresses
    quotes from previous e-mails (if the line starts with "> ")

    Is there any reason people would like to scan these kind of words? In that case I can ask in the installation script for confirmation before installing the patch.

    As usual, a tgz file with the installation script can be downloaded from (user invite, password invite).


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    Merci 8)

    I was just having a look at them in the SVN, there'll be also a couple of fixes in 4.5.3 about bad translation ("Folder" should not be translated to "Répertoire").

    Having the zimlet do nothing for "next day" can be a "everyone's happy" solution, you're right 8)

    I just approved the attachments.

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