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Thread: 4.5.3 simplified chinese translation(中文用户界面翻译部分完成)

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    Default 4.5.3 simplified chinese translation(中文用户界面翻译部分完成)



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    Default 这个是已经native2asc编译好的.

    this one has already compiled with native2asc.
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    Thanks a lot.

    The translation of the admin Web is one of the main things are asking to me in my office for take Zimbra into consideration.

    I was trying translate it by myself (trying persuade some of my chinese friend of helping me, because my chinese level is quite basic). I developed a tool for translating all the file using google (I know is a bad translation, but with simple word or sentences it works). After that, I developed another tool that show the property in english, and the chinese translation (by google). The idea is that my chinese friends would use this for editing the file quickly (it google's translation is ok, they only need to click the "next button", and to edit the next property). They donīt need to concern about save the file, to convert the file, translate duplicate strings, translate strings that need to be in english (e.g, LDAP, zimbra's link, etc...), etc ...

    Is something like this the tool you are searching for translating?

    I can't translate the software, but I could help developing tools to making easier translations.

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    Default Are these files in SVN?

    While browsing the SVN repository I see that the /trunk/ZimbraTranslations/data/Chinese_zh_CN/messages file is 3 months old. Is there any reason that these files have not been committed?
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