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Thread: french non working days

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    Default french non working days


    how i can import non working days in the zimbra calendar ?


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    Subscribing to an external calendar is the easiest way.

    In french :
    Onglet "Calendrier"
    Menu "Nouveau", choisir "Calendrier"
    Donner un nom (genre "jours fériés")
    Cocher la case "Synchroniser les rendez-vous avec le calendrier distant"
    Un champ apparait alors, y saisir : webcal://
    Valider et voila.

    In english :
    "Calendar" tab
    "New" menu, choose "Calendar"
    Type in a name "Non workingin France" for example
    Check the second check box
    A new field will appear, type in : webcal://
    Click on "ok" et voila.

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