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Thread: zdesktop backend doesn't run on Suse10.2

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    Default zdesktop backend doesn't run on Suse10.2

    Hello, Dear All,

    I had twice fresh installation of zimbra desktop on my Opensuse 10.2, one is installed into /root/zimbra/zdesktop, the other is /home/zdesktop, but all are failed to run zdesktop.

    the error message during install is "could not inject zimlets......." but I saw someone post this already, and we can igonor it. so i don't care it.

    when I run desktop by issuing ./zdesktop start the message shows nohup: appending output to `nohup.out' . but I checked this out file in /home/zdesktop/log, there is nothing in it, the file size is 0,

    I also checked zdesktop.error, the contents is :
    Zimbra server process is running as uid=0 euid=0 gid=0 egid=0
    Fatal error: terminating: can not start server with uid of 0

    the other log file is mailbox.log, the contents is :
    2007-08-19 23:28:21,976 INFO [main] log - Logging to org.slf4j.impl.Log4jLoggerAdapter(org.mortbay.log) via org.mortbay.log.Slf4jLog
    2007-08-19 23:28:22,451 INFO [main] log - jetty-6.1.5
    2007-08-19 23:28:22,662 INFO [main] log - No Transaction manager found - if your webapp requires one, please configure one.

    my Java is the java package comes with suse10.2, 1.5.x verion, so, what these mean? and how can I solve it? thanks a lot!
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    Am replying to this older post since I have found what causes this and it may be helpful to others.

    Assuming the installer misbehaves and doesn't build an icon into the
    'Start Menu'. Your first reaction would be to run zdesktop in the root of the zimbra directory. That would be wrong and it won't work. Use a file manager like Nautilus in GNOME, Dolphin or Konqueror in KDE to browse to:


    and execute the file in there:


    You can build your own Menu item icon or drag a copy of it to your toolbar.

    **Note this behavior continues up through OpenSuSE 11.1.

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