I installed Zibra DT and everything looke fine. I set up a mailaccount to my internal IMAP Server (HMailserver). But I dont get any mails from it. But I can send mails, thos will show up in the sent folder of Zimbra DT but not in the sent folder of SM which I use as normal mailclient.
In the Zimbra Log it will say
2008-06-09 08:28:45,252 WARN  [sync-timer-me@mine.de] [] datasource - Not importing remote folder 'Eingang.Programmierung' because STATUS command failed
on all folders.

The HMailserver Log tells:
"IMAPD"	4344	10355	"2008-06-07 23:36:26.812"	""	"RECEIVED: A4 STATUS Eingang.Programmierung (UIDVALIDITY UIDNEXT)"
"IMAPD"	4344	10355	"2008-06-07 23:36:26.812"	""	"SENT: * STATUS "Eingang.Programmierung" (UIDNEXT 0 UIDVALIDITY 317)[nl]A4 OK Status completed"
What is wrong? Any know issues with HMailserver?

brgds Chris