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Thread: how to import pst files?

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    Default how to import pst files?

    I'm using the free desktop version for PC. I would like to migrate all of my old emails, contact and calendar info from outlook 2003.

    I seen that if I have a paid version I can download the wizard to import. But am I able to import into the free version?

    I would like to do this to do a full evaluation before purchasing.


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    you could probably do this without the pst importer but it would be a pain in the butt. it'd involve uploading all your e-mail & folders via imap, exporting your calendar to ics, and contacts to csv and then importing into zimbra.

    if you're looking to evaluate before purchasing, you should get a trial license for the full network edition which gives you full access to all the zimbra features for a period of time for you to evaluate.

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    Default thank you!!

    wow! thanks for that speedy reply!!

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