Seems the app installed successfully and the Account Setup screens are being displayed. I can click on the buttons on the screen but I cannot type into the fields on the form. I click on any field, the field looks selected and the cursor caret is blinking but whatever I type goes to the last application that had focus. If I close all applications then whatever I type goes to the Finder.

Additionally, the Zimbra desktop does not appear as an open program, that is I cmd+Tab around and cycle thru the programs but dont see Zimbra listed. If I close all programs except Zimbra then cmd+Tab only shows the Finder. The top status bar of the Mac desktop just says Finder and not "Zimbra" (or whatever its supposed to say) event tho visually it appears the Account Setup has the focus.

Restarting the app had no effect.

This is on Mac OSX Leopard with all updates as of July 24th.