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    Default Installation directory

    As a Yahoo mail user and Yahoo smallbusiness customer I decideed to download and try Zimbra.

    It has been uninstalled and never exectuted.

    I run Windows Vista. Before that XP since 2000. Prior to that it was 1995 when Microsoft introduced the Program Files directory so that applications did not wind up scattered all over users disks.

    When Zimbra advances beyond 1995 and selects the correct directory to install itself. Or even obeys the user selected directory, I will try it again.

    Until such time it is where it belongs. In the bit bucket.

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Vote for / CC watch these RFE's:
    Bug 27936 - Allow Multiple Zimbra Desktop users on one machine
    Bug 15608 - Install the application and data in their proper folders
    Bug 28263 - Zimbra Desktop Installer privs and application location (mac oriented)

    Bug 24258 - install path can't contain spaces which is planned to be fixed soon (you could force use of %20 for space at your own risk of course).

    Zimbra is Open Source and we’re very pleased to see more Yahoo! members join our community. To understand how you can shape the future of what Zimbra is see: Open Source Product Management: How do features get into Zimbra? » Zimbra :: Blog

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