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Thread: Intalled but wrong language displayed

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    Unhappy Intalled but wrong language displayed

    I downloaded and installed Zimbra. The installer was very nice and asked me what language I wanted and I told it US English. But after the install when I launched Zimbra the application is displaying only Korean, based on the fact that it is installed on Windows XP Korean.

    Unfortunately I have no control over the Windows install on my work computer, but I usually have control over the application language! I can run Firefox, Opera, and innumerable other applications in English on my Korean OS. What's up? How can I get Zimbra to work in English on my Korean Windows install?

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    I have the same problem. I installed Zimbra on a computer with German keyboard and Windows XP in English installed, and even if I setup American as default language of Zimbra, I have some buttons/labels/comments in German and other in American.
    Is it possible to have the whole application in American?

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    i have opened a bug to track this: Bug 32308 – wrong language is used on non-English OS

    meanwhile, can you try to change the language using "Options" ?

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