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Thread: [SOLVED] Installation Problem - Ubuntu Hardy Heron

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    Question [SOLVED] Installation Problem - Ubuntu Hardy Heron

    Hi - I tried installing Zimbra Desktop for Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

    The first attempt was manual and it didn't work, no error messages or anything.

    My second attempt was through the Ubuntu Applications Add/Remove Programs menu item, and after being told that I have a version installed already, and clicking on either 'use the existing dataset' or 'delete and reinstall new dataset' (I have tried both options), I get the following message.

    "Previous version can't be uninstalled. New install can't continue."

    I am a relative newbie to Linux, but am comfortable with the terminal if you can tell me what to input.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    just delete the zimbra folder in your home, this will delete all your data too, if have any inside zimbra
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    turbomettwurst - thanks.
    It wasn't in home, but a search located it in root.
    I used the command line to rm-r the directory as root and the proceeded to reinstall - all worked OK! Thank you for providing direction!

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