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Thread: Install so it doesn't run as a service

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    Default Install so it doesn't run as a service

    I have a lot of background processes. Why would I run another one? Why would I use my browser via localhost when I have a GUI client.

    I want to read my email when I read my email, and otherwise don't want my email client it to take up system resources. If I want to be notified when a new message comes in, I'll keep the application open.

    Plus, I have so much stuff in my system tray, the last thing I need is another sys tray icon.

    Applications that install services are perhaps my absolute pet peeve. I refuse to use iTunes to this day for just that reason.

    Memory usage for the Zimbra service is VERY high. Consider this, with the GUI client *off* (so just the background/service process running)

    zdesktop.exe: 122K

    firefox: 38K (less usually).
    skype: 30K
    apache: 16K
    mysql: 10K

    So I can run 12 mysql servers for the cost of the Zimbra email service. Crazy.
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    I totally agree with you. It's quite annoying to have such a high memory used without even launching the GUI client. Our users having a laptop (those that will use zdesktop) are complaining about a long booting period for their computers since we installed ZDesktop on them.
    It would be great to have the ability to just use the GUI client without launching the localhost server, which is, in my opinion, consuming way too much resources !

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