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Thread: Cannot setup imap acct using Dreamhost

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    Unhappy Cannot setup imap acct using Dreamhost

    I am not able to set up an imap account for my Dreamhost email(webhosted email acct). I have done so with Thunderbird with no problem and used the same settings. My gmail and yahoo accounts all work fine with both Thunderbird and Zimbra.

    I have tried all variations on which ports and username. Again those settings that work on Thunderbird have not worked with Zimbra.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you found som information on your problem? We recently discovered the situation, that from the end of February (2009) Zimbra web client stopped connections to dreamhosts IMAP server, but before everything was working. Telnet connects, Mac Mail connects, Thunderbird connects, but ZCS Web client nor Zimbra Desktop client with regular (non SSL) connection to dreamhost's IMAP server gets an error.

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