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Thread: Zimbra desktop can't connect to my server

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    Default Zimbra desktop can't connect to my server

    Greetings. I just set up Zimbra desktop on a Fedora 9, x86_64 system. I tried to connect to an email server using IMAP. I keep getting "Service error".

    I believe I'm using the same settings that I have used successfully in Thunderbird to connect to the same server.

    I suspect that the problem might be with the SMTP settings: in Thunderbird there is a distinction between TLS and SSL for the SMTP server, and I've successfully used TLS with port 587 to send mail.

    On the other hand, Zimbra desktop appears to offer only SSL and does not default to port 587 when I select it.

    Also, just in case the SMTP server is not the issue, I'm using SSL with port 993 to try to read mail. (Again, the same settings that worked with Thunderbird.)

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    i believe i have found the fix, at least for imap type - select the ssl for both incoming and outgoing mail. this problem wasn't in build 1083 but appeared when i upgraded to 1278 today. hope it helps.

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    Default Some further information

    Greetings. I checked the mailbox.log file on my system after a failure
    to connect to my server. The final line was:

    2008-09-28 10:45:23,915 INFO [btpool0-0] [name=zimbra;ip=;]
    datasource - Test failed:

    Here and in the following, "my.server" is a placeholder for the actual
    name of my server.

    On the other hand, my computer has no trouble rsolving the server name:

    $ host my.server
    my.server has address 169.nnn.nnn.nnn

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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