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Thread: Which order for OS Upgrade && Zimbra upgrade

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    Default Which order for OS Upgrade && Zimbra upgrade

    I'm running a licensed version of Zimbra 5.05 on Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS (32bit) and need to upgrade both Zimbra and OS to latest versions.

    Which is the advised order if indeed it's possible to do a 'live' upgrade (ie not a 'bare-metal' install of Zimbra with userfile restoration)?

    Zimbra 5.05 -> 5.10 and then OS upgrade?
    Ubuntu 6.06/32 -> 8.04/32 and then the Zimbra upgrade?

    and which Zimbra package would be used to do this?


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    Well personally I would upgrade ZCS first to 5.10, then shut it down completely, upgrade the OS, and then re-install the 8.04 version of ZCS 5.10. And as always take lots and lots of both OS and ZCS backups!

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