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Thread: [SOLVED] Intalling Multiple Email Accounts

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    Question [SOLVED] Intalling Multiple Email Accounts

    I created a new Gmail account (No.2), just to test recently installed Zimbra Desktop. Installation went great, email account setup went great, and I was in business of sending and receiving email. Then I got bright idea of installing two additional email accounts, but things did not work out.

    First I decided to install my original Gmail account (No.1). Account got set up and was recognized as being installed. However this account would not receive email directed to its email address. Also, I could not send email from this account. (There was no drop down account choice box). So, I deleted No. 2 from Zimbra and then No.1 worked just fine in receiving and sending email. (Settings for both Gmail accounts are identical in Google.)
    Should I conclude that Zimbra can only handle one Gmail account?

    Secondly, Zimbra won't let me install email account. I followed Zoho's instructions about installing in another email client. Instructions say something about receiving over "TLS," so maybe Zimbra does not have this capability.

    Any advise/comments would be appreciated.

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    desktop can support unlimited number of gmail accounts. I use two myself.

    We do support "TLS". You have to select the SSL checkbox.

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    Smile Successfull in Installing Second Gmail Account

    Thank you Zimbra team for fast response. I tried again and it worked this time.

    I'm now going to give Zimbra a good workout and see how things go. I'm a long-time user of a commercial PIM , which for time being I'll keep my ISP email account on, to give me good operating experience with PIM and Zimbra, before deciding whom I should stick with 100%.

    So far I'm impressed with product, although I see missing some things I have on PIM. I look forward to new features, and am particularly interested if product will be tied in to "cloud" word processing, spreadsheets, presentations.

    Thanks again for timely assistance.

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