My access to downloading my PoP email accounts suddenly stopped after installing Quicken 2007. The symbol next to the account just spins with no resolution.

This is my second rebuild/restore of my laptop and both times I had ZD loaded and operating smoothly to access my Yahoo and PoP server email accounts. The first time, I didn't test the ZD after each s/w install so when I did discover the break, I could only take the restore point back to just after the time of the last successful download--unfortunately the restoring to the restore point doesn't fix the problem.

Second time the culprit looks to be Quicken, but again, restoring to a previous point or multiple earlier points doesn't fix the ZD disconnect.

I've been through the forums and googled the internet, but don't see anything quite like this....any ideas, comments, help appreciated. Seems a simple cause, but I'm not sure where to troubleshoot at this time.

Vista O/S, MS Office, iTunes....all the usual detritus. "Fix-It Utilities 9 Pro" running also but haven't messed with any reg or other settings (yet).

Thanks in advance....Luc