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    Default Error on creating account


    I work with two others who have installed Zimbra Desktop on Windows 7.

    They both log in successfully on Zimbra with both their personal accounts and a shared account. I myself log in successfully with my personal account, but not the mentioned shared account, I just get this error message: "account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS: email address already exists: 2fdddbc0-0033-429b-b684-16015ba4b749". What on earth is going on?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Are your trying to set up two zimbra accounts on ZD? Like Account A is your personal; Account B is one that grants permission to Account A?

    If in Account A, you have linked a shared folder from Account B, then you can no longer create Account B on ZD - this kind of setup is not supported in current version of ZD. (the rationale is if you have full access to Account B, you don't need to link shared folders in Account A)

    The workaround is to login from web client, delete the linked folder on Account A. Back to ZD, delete Account A and recreate it. You should now be able to add Account B.
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