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Thread: Mozilla Labs Prism?

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    I did the workaround where you delete the 'version' file in conf directory. (located here:

    This fixed the prism issue, but now when it launches zimbra it treats it as a new installation. None of my accounts show up. Is there a way to fix this?


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    I had Windows security update yesterday july just created many problems...
    one of them is that Now I got "Mozilla Lab Prism thing"..
    I'm using was running great before ms update..

    Anyone got the same after MS update...

    and how to fix again..?

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    I tried "repair" 7.2.5..5b12c9.msi

    got a network error attempting to read c:\user\myname\downloads\update.msi| following the step in earlier post. looks like ms update deleted the register key?

    C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Zimbra\Zimbr a Desktop\conf
    delete the "version" file
    and restart the zimbra desktop.
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