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Thread: how to get pop mail from zcs server?

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    Default how to get pop mail from zcs server?

    I can fetch pop mail with the ZCS web interface, but how do I fetch it with Zimbra Desktop via my ZCS account?

    I have my Zimbra Desktop set up with my ZCS account, and it downloads the emails ok from ZCS when I click "send/receive". However it does not retrieve any new pop mail (only the mail which I already fetched with the ZCS web interface "get external mail").

    How do I configure it to make ZCS get the pop mail when I click "send/receive" on Zimbra Desktop? I hope someone can help.

    By the way, I don't want to set up any new pop mail accounts in Zimbra Desktop - these are already set up and working in ZCS.

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    we don't support the indirect sync. if you are using Desktop, external accounts are supposed to be setup in Desktop directly.

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    But if I also set up pop accounts in Zimbra Desktop as you suggest, then I will be downloading twice - to Zimbra Desktop, and also in ZCS. So when I sync with my ZCS account, I will have duplicate emails, won't I?

    Do you agree it would be good if the "indirect sync" could be made to work?

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    I would recommend that you file a RFE for this so the project team can take a look at it and prioritise accordingly.

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