Whenever I install a new Zimbra desktop (including up to 1513), it always gives error similar to "cannot connect to Zimbra server. If problem persists, reinstall" etc. After two or three reinstallations, it works. When I check the Zimbra service, usually at the time of the first installation, its status is marked for deletion (as earlier Zimbra desktop was uninstalled and new one installed by Zimbra installer). Even if I reboot the machine and retry, this works after a minimum of two tries.

However, in the latest twist, I am caught. I have enabled the beta testing feature and the latest Zimbra client was downloaded and the above error came while starting service. Now, the situation is that I neither have old client nor new one installed and more important, I do not have the URL for latest beta downloaded nor am aware of the location of the downloaded file. I checked all of my computer for files having *zimbra*exe and could not find any later than what I had manually downloaded earlier.

How do I solve this installation problem for good ?
Where do I find the latest released "beta" testing build available ?