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Thread: Can't connect to any SMTP server

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    Default Can't connect to any SMTP server

    Trying to install Zimbra to replace Outlook on my work machine.

    1. test Yahoo account works fine.
    2. Gmail account works fine.
    3. Exchange account - can't connect to any SMTP server.

    I currently use Outlook 2007 as a IMAP client back to Exchange. I also have Thunderbird installed and it too can send email through my employers SMTP server. The set up that works is very simple - port 25 - no authentication as my employer whitelists IP addresses that can use the SMTP server. I can send emails from both Thunderbird and Outlook - but I can't set up the account in Zimbra because the validation fails on the SMTP check with this error message. I tried it as both Exchange IMAP and a generic IMAP account.

    Cannot connect to "SMTP server". Please check host/port and network connectivity.

    I've tried two different SMTP servers that I verified as working with a test email from Thunderbird. Neither will pass the verification test in Zimbra.

    Any ideas?

    (This is Win XP - Zimbra zdesktop_1_0_build_1537_win32)
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