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Thread: syncing folders with GoDaddy IMAP webmail, how to remap?

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    Question syncing sent, draft, and trash folders with godaddy IMAP webmail and iphone IMAP

    Hello, I am syncing Zimbra desktop build 1513 with Godaddy IMAP webmail and my iphone. I am new to IMAP.

    I am very confused because I just noticed I have multiple sent messages folders and multiple drafts and trash folders in several of my email accounts, in different locations in the folder structure, which have different messages in them.

    In one account, for example, in Zimbra I have "sent" and "drafts" and "trash" folders at the top of each account, then I also have "sent items" "sent messages" and "send later" and "deleted messages" folders in my main body of folders below.

    Then when I log in to that account in godaddy webmail I have "drafts" "send later" and "sent items" and "trash" at the top and "deleted messages" and "sent messages" in the folder structure below.

    Then when I look at that account in my iphone I have "drafts" "sent" and trash" above and "send later" "sent items" and "trash" folders again below. The top trash folder is empty and the lower one has messages in it.

    I guess the same thing is happening in my gmail accounts: In Zimbra I have a zimbra sent folder above and then a separate sent items folder below. Then when i log in to Gmail I have a sent messages folder and then below that a label section with "sent messages." They do not have the same contents. My iphone has "sent" above and "sent messages" below; the contents of each are reversed from Zimbra to the iphone. This is very confusing to me.

    Anyway, I want all my sent email, no matter which platform (zimbra, webmail, or iphone) it is sent from, to be in the same "sent" folder, not to have multiple sent folders. I want all my drafts in one drafts folder. I want all my trash and deleted messages in one trash folder. I want my folder structure to look the same no matter what platform I am using. Can anyone point me to the instructions to make this happen, or an explanation of what is going on so I can try to understand this?

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    Exclamation syncing folders with GoDaddy IMAP webmail, how to remap?

    I posted in "general questions" on 3/9 and got 0 replies so I am trying again. I am using build 1537 to sync with several godaddy imap webmail accounts. I also sync my iphone with these imap accounts. The inboxes sync fine. Sent items, drafts, and trash do not in Zimbra.

    Some mailboxes seem to have slightly different names... "sent" in zimbra vs "sent items" in godaddy. My iphone syncs better with my godaddy imap webmail. At least in the "advanced" section of my iphone settings I can tell it which mailbox my drafts, sent, and deleted items should sync with on the godaddy server. If I start a draft on my iphone, i can find it when I log in to my godaddy imap webmail, and vice versa. These drafts from my iphone and webmail never appear in my Zimbra drafts folder, and drafts started in zimbra never appear in the iphone and webmail.

    My zimbra does not sync up these folder correctly and I can't figure out how to remap the folders. My first attempt with Godaddy support was useless;he told me only the inbox syncs in imap accounts. (I think he was thinking about POP???) I know this is not true because my iphone syncs the drafts folder and sent and saved filed messages with the godaddy.

    Also I do sometimes have to refer back to what I wrote to a customer previously, and it's frustrating when I can not refer to my zimbra sent messages when I am on my iphone and webmail.

    I have searched the zimbra help for remap, sync, etc and can't find the answer. When I go to my accounts page I can not find a way to edit the folder mapping to point to different folders on the server. Please help?

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    Hi, right now we only provide folder mapping for well known services. For generic IMAP service what you saw is expected. There is no short term solution to this until we fix this bug: Bug 23727 – offline: need UI design for mapping IMAP folders to system folders

    Please vote. Thanks!

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    Default thanks for your reply

    thank you for your reply, now at least I can stop looking for how to fix it in Zimbra since I know it is not possible! I will go vote for the bug fix and encourage anyone else who finds this thread to go vote also. I know if my iPhone can do it you guys can make it happen in Zimbra too!

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